Who we are



Exp-trek is a specialist mountain excursions company, based in Theodoriana, Arta in beautiful Tzoumerka, and operates extensively in the entire Pindos region.
The excellent local knowledge, the long-distance hiking, the advanced planning of stops and stays on successive overnight stations in the mountains and villages along the route, are all characteristics of each excursion, and enable us to know better the hiking enthusiasts who choose to tour with us.
Our office is staffed by qualified mountain professionals who have many years of experience in planning and coordinating a large variety of multi-day hiking and climbing trips, enabling a continuous movement from one place to another.
We specialize in guiding and accompanying small groups, organizing overnight camps in forests, rivers and plateaus, as well as accommodation in shelters and mountain hostels, whilst always maintaining environmental awareness and an utmost respect for nature.
We choose multi-day crossings on isolated locations of high aesthetic, natural and cultural values, thus enabling adventure lovers to move safely in a wide range of mountainous areas, which are otherwise impossible or difficult to reach in a single day.
The amazing range and biodiversity of Pindos almost commands that we keep away from busy built-up places and invites us to come into close contact with unspoilt nature, an immersive and transformative experience which alters our perception of time.
Hiking along this unique mountainous terrain is a rewarding and promising encounter for all those looking to escape from the mundane and enjoy some quality time on the mountain.
Exp executives maintain parallel action as members of the social cooperative enterprise, Terra Pindus,which was founded in 2019 and has its headquarters in Theodoriana, Arta.
It aims to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the hiking trails of Pindos, the country way of life and the outdoor culture of its mountain settlements.
Our team is comprised of a wide range of multi-disciplined professionals who specialize in different fields of sustainable development of mountain regions. We each have many years of action and contribution in maintaining and promoting hiking trails and networks throughout the country.
We act by researching & restoring old forgotten paths along the entire length and perimeter of the Pindos mountain range, in order to create a remarkable and interconnected national network of walking routes which will span all the way from Delphi to Prespess and will be readily accessible to all Greek and foreign hikers alike.
The Exp-trek does not have a one-dimensional for-profit character, as part of the proceeds is spent on research-study and restoration of forgotten hiking trails and social actions.