Who we are

Exp-trek is an innovative idea that is the outcome of long experience in the field of mountain activities and outdoor living. Mountaineering, hiking, trekking, camping in remote and hard to access locations, river trekking and canyoning are at the core of our office that brings us into direct contact with the visitor by coordinating activities, that last longer than one day, offering experiences embraced with knowledge and congruity throughout the year.

We suggest multi-day and usually multi-mile treks, overnight stays in forests, rivers, plateaus, (camping) mountain huts and shelters. This gives our participants the opportunity to visit unknown until now hiking sites that are not approachable in just one day and to stay safely overnight in the most unlikely locations. The morning wake-up in forests, rivers and plateaus, the magnificent sunsets and the companionship we develop when we dedicate the appropriate time to the mountain, are the essential ingredients in every action we organize.

Exp.trekking is aimed towards advanced and beginners mountaineers who are looking for action and adventure in the wild nature of Greece. Our goal is to safely make true the most daring dreams of people who love to escape into nature, through our coordinated suggestions or by supporting their own, providing the know-how and consistency.

* Exp. trekking is not another profit-driven business as most of the earnings are spent on studying and restoring the hiking network of Western Greece and other voluntary environmental actions.

- We work systematically by reconstructing preselected hiking path networks on which we operate by offering, since 2008, infrastructures of mild tourist development in many remote mountainous areas of Greece (Epirus, Thessaly, Western Macedonia, Roumeli etc)