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Routes tailored to your needs!

Exp-Trek enables you to organize your own excursion to the mountainous areas of Epirus, the West. Macedonia, Thessaly & Central Greece safely and consistently. Keeping in mind your requirements and expectations, your experience and the type of activity you want, we create the ideal adventure packages for you and your friends.

The executives of Exp-Trek is active in the Pindos massif promoting outdoor activities with love and respect for the natural environment. Along with handling one-day and multi-day excursions as a tour agency, our team is now officially active as Coin, Co. (Social Cooperative Enterprise) systematically taking the initiative to maximize the restoration of old and the creation of new paths, the creation of mild tourism infrastructure and the preservation of outdoor culture.

With years of experience, love and respect for the mountains and the local communities that live among them, we usually choose isolated sites of high aesthetic and historical value, designing tours that are compatible with the field, culture and traditions of each place transferring to its friends of adventure to be found with us, pictures, colors and fragrances of another Greece unknown to many!

Exp-trek has an extensive network of external partners that enables us to design and execute even the most demanding projects on Pindos great mountains with knowledge and consistency!

Fill out the form below with your request for a "customized for you adventure" and we will contact you:

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5 day trek / North Pindos / Metsovo - Valia Calda - Smolikas > 95km
May - Octomber > 5 day trekking excursion traversal north Pindos mountainous range / overnight: geust houses, hut, camp
2 day trekking excursion / Tzoumerka mt - North section / Central Pindos
June - November > 2 day crossing the North Tzoumerka ridge
2 day trekking excursion / Kakarditsa mt. / Central Pindos
May to Octomber > two day long distance trek / ridges and plateau / overnight: guest house, camp
6day trekking / Tzoumerka - Kakarditsa - Peristeri mt. > 100km / Central Pindos
June - Octomber > 6day circuit / mountain trekking / overnight: hut, campsites, guest house
3 day trekking excursion / Krikelopotamos valey > 43km / South Pindos
May to November > 3 day traversal southern section of Evrytania mountainous range / overnight: campsites
2 day trekking excursion / mt Giona / South Pindos
June - November > 2 day trekking / East to West crossing mt Giona / Reka`s Gorge - Vathia Lakka - Sykia
4 day trekking excursion / Valia Calda - Smolikas mt. >80km / North Pindos
May - Octomber > 4 day trek in north Pindos long distance trail / overnight: guest houses, camp
2 day trekking excursion / Peristeri mt / Central Pindos
April - Octomber > Routes selection / overnight :guest house, camp
Hiking Valia Calda / North Pindos
May - Octomber > Daily or two day hike, traversal Valia Calda`s valley
5 day trekking / Tzoumerka - Kakarditsa - Peristeri > 60km / Central Pindos
June to Octomber > Ridges, plateaus /overnight: hut, campsite stations
2 day forest hike / North Pindos / Vovousa to Samarina > 30km
April to November > forest trail / valleys, rivers & villages
5day trekking excursion / Tzoumerka to Peristeri mt. > 85km / Central Pindos
May - October > 5 day mountain trekking on ridges / overnight: hut, campsites